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Our Mission



We are passionate about helping brands create powerful and connected customer experiences because we know that when a brand gets that right, it makes you feel wonderful.

To help our clients build those great customer experiences we anchor our thinking in an ethnographical approach. We take you and your business into the world of your customer – their homes, the way they shop – with particular interest in the role that your brand plays in their lives. Participating in, rather than spying on people, changes the whole investigative process which means we find the gaps, the disconnects and the things that keep coming up that don’t always make sense. We learn as much from what isn’t said, as what is.

This market orientation and ethnographic approach unearths a more powerful customer insight and helps to find those brand hooks that help build a powerful brand and customer experience.

We are focused on helping our clients understand their customers and brand in four different ways:




BrandHook has produced a piece of thought leadership called Closing the Gap. It is not only a paper but it was also produced as a 12 part podcast series which brought to life the issues that most marketers are now facing – the gap between how consumers are behaving and what business is delivering.

Distributed through the CMO Magazine over 12 weeks we chatted to CMOs and Thought Leaders from Australia and the UK such as Stephen Loftus from Brompton Bikes, Genevieve Elliot from Federation Centres, Andrew Baxter from Publicis, Carolyn Bendall from ANZ, John Broome from Unilever, Sandra Arango from Heinz and Dan Gregory from The Impossible Institute and many more.


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