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Are these the people you want answering your online surveys?

By admin on 24 June 2012 - 11:42

Looking at TweetDeck last week, was surprised to see that ‘surveys’ was a trending topic. Was this finally recognition that the Twitter universe was proclaiming its love for market research? Had one of the top #MRX Twitter users posted something that I needed to know about? So, I investigated.

Looking at twitscoop, to my disappointment, this was the tweet that was trending worldwide.






Looking in more detail, it was evident the keyword(s) that were sparking this automated reply.






Clicking on the link would then take Fatty Mayonnaise, Chunky_Monkey12 or the various other people to a registration page to join an online panel.

To sit on the fence briefly, I was in a previous life as Managing Director of an online panel company, and still am, a big believer in believing online respondents until proven otherwise. I would run validation surveys on any new recruits before they were allowed to complete client surveys so if a similar process is being adopted by this panel company, I applaud them and in my role now as potential client, would consider them for online quantitative research.

However, as I jump off the fence, I don’t think this is probably the case.

BrandHook produced a white paper on the value of paying respondents and that money doesn’t impact the quality of the research results but for us, this is attracting the wrong type of people and sending an incorrect message about our industry.

We should be wanting people to openly and honestly share their opinions, views and behaviours with us and then reward them appropriately but we shouldn’t be trolling for cash poor people and offering surveys as a get rich quick scheme. As an industry, we need to be transparent about why we do what we do and this will yield the better quality of results.

For those that are interested, I don’t think Fatty Mayonnaise did join the panel – she has been too busy considering going to the beach, watching the Ireland v Spain game and enjoying strip poker – maybe she won missing money that way and not completing online surveys.



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