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Getting Intimate with CX Podcast – Episode 1 with Rachel Kelly

July 21, 2017

Getting Intimate with CX Podcast – Episode 1 with Rachel Kelly

Listen to Episode 1 of Getting Intimate with CX, where Pip Stocks talks to Rachel Kelly about how brands can offer more than great service by creating a connection with their customers.

Three years ago, marketers were confused about what the digital revolution meant for their consumers, their brand and the customer experience. That has changed. According to CMO Mag 2017 Predictions, 83% of CMO’s believe customer experience to be central to their role.

But what we still fail to see is those brand and experiences changing in line with customer behaviour and customer needs. We believe having intimate understanding of your customers can deliver a powerful customer experience and a competitive edge.

Distributed through the CMO Magazine, this new BrandHook Podcast Series will ask big business and a variety of disruptors the same 7 questions to unearth how some marketers can crack a powerful & connected customer experience and why others still have work to do.

In an endeavour to unearth and unpack this we will talk to a number of CMOs, marketers, data scientists and CEOs from a variety of brands.

In this latest episode of Getting Intimate with CX, Jane Zantuck, the Head of Marketing at the National Gallery of Victoria answers the same 7 questions about customer intimacy & CX. We also hear why the Van Gogh exhibition was so successful and why Dior will be fabulous. Three years ago, marketers were confused about what Continue reading

Those of us born at the tail end of the 70’s and the start of the 80’s are a bit of a conundrum. Some say we’re part of Gen X while others lump us in with the Millennials. As the middle children of the last century, I feel like no one really gets us or Continue reading


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