Great outdoor ideas including a new retail innovation from Kate Spade & ebay

Brands are constantly challenged to think of ways to be bigger and louder than the competition. In the digital age, print and outdoor advertising is seen as rather antiquated methods of engaging with consumers.

Perhaps that’s not the right way to look at things. Check out what some of these brands are doing in the outdoor arena. Clever ways to disrupt a habit? We think so…

Kate Spade Saturday launched a weekender line earlier this month unveiled four digitally enhanced “window shops” in lower Manhattan.

The brand has rented out the plate glass fronts of four empty locations for one month.  New Yorkers can get a preview of merchandise from the new line, which for now is only sold online in the U.S. and go on to order on the large touchscreen next door.  Users can browse sizes and colors, and place orders for free delivery anywhere in Manhattan, as well as parts of Brooklyn, within an hour.

Real HipHop a south American music website dominated bus shelters taking music (and fro’s) to the people. is a German online recruitment website. They have made these amazing advertisements with the slogan “Life’s too short for the wrong job”.












And finally we liked what Nike did with park benches.  Real benches are set up in parks with the Swoosh logo and “RUN” on the seatback, while the seating panel has been removed because … well, you can’t run if you’re sitting.




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