Jeep’s Grand Land Campaign – Combining Tangible & Aspirational

Very recently, I came across the new Jeep Australia campaign – which features a competition to win (via prize draw) rural land worth AUD 100,000. All that people need to do to be in with a chance to win is to test drive the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Called the Grand Land campaign, Jeep has partnered with to offer the winner a choice of one of 350 pieces of land across Australia. The plots are in a variety of remote terrains ranging from coastal, country, forest, outback and mountain areas.

Wow! I think this is an absolutely fabulous BIG idea because it leverages not only the aspirations of going bush in a 4WD but also about acquiring something tangible and valuable in the process (land). Plus of course, the imagery of the engaging with the ‘bush’ with a car links beautifully well with the product characteristics (tough, durable etc.). I would be very surprised if the Jeep gets lots of new test drivers from the campaign.

But what of the deeper insights here. What is it tapping into for the target?  The campaign also talks to dreams – about bringing dreams, future dreams, to the present. What gal or bloke doesn’t dream of their retreat, their space. When family, job and the world demands so much today and is so uncertain, what is more certain and comforting than having one’s own block of dirt. In the back blocks, where one can be yourself, in your own world.

So in some senses, this campaign works by making the future more real, tangible and self-affirming. A future that can be touched today, fleetingly perhaps, via test drive and an exploration of the blocks of land that are on offer on-line.

It’s clear that Jeep and its agencies have integrated consumer, category and brand insights in a cohesive and original way. An inspiring lesson for all marketers.

Can you think of any other ways that marketers have combined the tangible & aspirational elements of a product or brand to great effect?


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