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Podcast: Pip Stocks Talks Branding and Customer Experience

January 29, 2018

Podcast: Pip Stocks Talks Branding and Customer Experience

This week, Pip Stocks joined The EchoJunction Podcast with Adam Fraser to talk all things branding and customer experience. The below article by Adam Fraser originally appeared in EchoJunction.

Founder and CEO of Brandhook, Pip Stocks, joins the podcast this week to talk branding and customer experience. We discuss:

  • Pip’s career to date
  • Brandhook’s story and the work they do
  • Building brands and lessons from how the digital native brands have been built in the last decade
  • What ethnography is and how Brandhook are using it to help brands build great customer experience and achieve marketing goals
  • Consumer thinking and understanding consumer habits and unpredictability in buying
  • Pip’s take on brand roles in people’s lives
  • Consistency over connection in building relationships with consumers
  • Amazon and their commitment to customer experience and customer service
  • Equipping an organisation’s employees with the means to meet needs and how this impacts customer experience and brand trust
  • How enterprises can best manage customer experience
  • Importance of structuring a business in the way consumers are buying the product
  • The challenge of marketing to today’s consumer
  • Pip’s predictions for 2018

Fantastic to have someone of Pip’s experience and expertise on the podcast – well worth a listen!


View the original article here.

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