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Pip StocksPIP STOCKS: CEO & Founder

Pip is an award winning keynote speaker, regular industry commentator, and thought leader. She is a regular contributor to the CMO & CEO Magazines and is a Business Mentor for Slingshot.

Pip has worked on both agency and client side having started her career in the UK in 1992.  After working in agencies such as Saatchi’s and Grey Advertising in London running the Global Procter & Gamble business, Pip was then appointed Marketing Manager to launch a new Virgin business, Virgin Energy, a Richard Branson start-up. Prior to founding BrandHook, Pip was the Brand and Communications Strategy Director at Carat.

Pip is currently listed as #4 in the ‘Top 10 Twitter accounts to follow’ by Karen Stocks, MD Twitter Australia.


Speaking Events


Closing the Gap

As marketers, we are now living in a world where we no longer own the brand and its experience. The days of sticking an ad on the TV & expecting product to shift are long gone.

Closing the Gap is podcast series, a book and a keynote about the effect the digital transformation has had on consumer behaviour and the 7 strategies that marketers can employ to close the gap between what consumers want and how their brands can deliver a better experience.

Getting ready for the Entrepreneurial Consumer

As consumers take control of their relationships with brands, what we’re seeing is the emergence of “The Entrepreneurial Consumer”. These consumers like to solve their own problems; they rely on their network to make the best decisions; they want to be included and collaborate; and they negotiate to get the best value.

This keynote will provide useful learnings about “The Entrepreneurial Consumer” including how to:

  • Recognise the Entrepreneurial Consumer
  • Develop strategies to cater to this emerging consumer
  • Gathering tips and hints on how to build a ‘Consumer Practice’ within your business

What You Do When You Lose The Pitch You’re Meant To Win!

When a potential client and old contact says “we really want you to win this, here is the brief” and then you go on to lose a million-dollar client that would have changed your business, you really need to take a long hard look at yourself!

This keynote is about just that, and how we at BrandHook picked ourselves up to weather that storm. The three ways to get back include:

  • Stopping to revitalising your brand
  • Reminding yourself where you have come from and,
  • Reviewing, filling the gaps and moving on




  • Mumbrella Retail and Marketing Summit


  • Digital Summit Melbourne – MC
  • Global Loyalty Conference Melbourne
  • Mumbrella Masterclass Sydney
  • Connect London
  • AIST CMSF Superannuation Conference Adelaide
  • AMI Awards Breakfast Sydney


  • iSelect Partner Conference Japan: The importance of insight for innovation
  • AIMIA The Connected Consumer: The Formula to Closing the Gap
  • Teradata International Conference London:  Consumers still act on Habit in the Digital World
  • AMI Marketing Summit: Host & Chair
  • AMI CMO Series Sydney: Closing the Gap between Consumers and Business


  • AMI CMO Series Melbourne: Marketing is shifting from B2C and B2B to an individual B2i approach.
  • The Hunter Collective Conference Speaker and Panelist
  • AMSRS National Conference: Co-creation in the consumer’s world


  • Loyalty Summit Chair
  • AMSRS Young Researchers Sydney
  • AMSRS National Conference: Your consumers buy on autopilot what does that mean for your brand


  • AMSRS Perth: Mums, their shopping habits and the secret for disruption

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