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What’s for lunch?

By admin on 8 August 2012 - 11:24

For most people during the working week it’s a soggy sandwich that is eaten while staring at a computer screen.

Luckily for us there is a pretty sweet system here at BrandHook. We have an allocated day where we bring lunch for each other. There is Paul the Michelin star chef, Pip the wannabe celiac, Jack the actual celiac, Kellie the quasi pescatarian and then there is myself who is easily pleased.

As you can imagine it can get quite stressful trying to make something that not only suits everyone’s dietary requirements, but is also comparable to the BrandHook budding masterchefs weekly offerings.

I must admit, due to a combination of laziness and questionable culinary skills, I have relented under the pressure and bought pre-packaged “gourmet” food on my allocated lunch days, which got me thinking about the category as a whole.

There appears to be a growing aisle of these kinds of products at my local supermarket. The colorful labels with perfect typography promise fresh, restaurant quality food that can be quickly heated up in the microwave.

Perhaps our busy and chaotic lives simply do not allow us to prepare elaborate home-cooked meals during the working week; or maybe we are watching too many cooking shows to actually get off the couch and make something. Whatever the reason, The Australian Culinary Trend Predictions outline that Gourmet convenience
is a big trend for 2012 and promises that innovative food products and quality foodstuffs are making gourmet-style meals more hassle-free than ever before. Our own recent ethnographic research suggests the rise of ‘culinary convenience’ amongst key demographic segments and tribes.

If you are keen to try some of these new fandangled gourmet meals drop by the BrandHook office at about 12.30 every Thursday. If want the home cooked options, doors open every other day!



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