Customer-centric organisations outperform their peers by an astounding 85% in sales growth.

According to research by McKinsey and Gallup

BrandHook is a brand and customer experience consultancy, and we get customers.

And in our experience, too many organisations know a lot less about their consumers than they should!

Last year we hung out with well over 100 customers a month. We chatted to them about their lives, worries, concerns and painpoints. We talked about their favourite and not-so favourite brands. Inevitably, along that journey, we talked about your brand.

At BrandHook we passionate about the importance of customer intimacy and can help you build a better Intimate Experience. We deliver actionable insights & strategies anchored in ethnographic methodologies and with a deep understanding of global trends and the fast-moving cultural context in which we live. We help you create much stronger connections with the people who matter… we help you discover your brand hook.

So, take our BrandHook Challenge: Do you and your work peers really know what your customers want?  Do you have intimate knowledge of their needs and painpoints?  Are you a customer experience leader?

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We have helped many businesses build great brand and customer experiences, all anchored with powerful insight.

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