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BrandHook were instrumental in helping us better understand our brand position and re-imagine the brand personality and essence that would resonate with the market into the future. This was a pivotal moment for the business that underpinned a full brand refresh that has subsequently enabled us to broaden our demographic appeal and re-engage with our customers through a much more intimate approach. The team at BrandHook are a delight to deal with. They are engaged, proactive and insightful and have been an agent of change.

David Joss

Managing Director, Southern Phone

If you want to customer-centricity from a corporate rhetoric to a cultural movement, you want to talk to BrandHook. Their unique passion and methodology can help to inform a business strategy that pivots on customer intimacy, engaging everyone from the shop floor to boardroom. BrandHook's ability to unpack the customer like no other gave us a competitive advantage that led to commercial transformation, on two different occasions.

Jee Moon

VP Marketing AMEX, (Ex Best & Less, Luxottica)

BrandHook brings a fresh perspective to our business regardless of the type of opportunity. Their ability to work both as an embedded partner while remaining objective yields unique, actionable results for our business.

Rob McElroy

Consumer Insights Manager, Anheuser-Busch In Bev

BrandHook have helped us better understand our audience and how to grow our business. We have worked with the BrandHook team on a number of projects – from better understanding teachers and their decision making process when it comes to planning excursions to brand health and understanding how we drive more visitors. Working with Megan, Emma and the BrandHook team is a breeze. They ask the right questions to better understand your needs; they are reliable when it comes to delivery; their expertise in developing insights and recommendations has helped us be a better organisation for our key audiences.

Jareen Summerhill

General Manager Marketing, Zoos Victoria

When we went through our brand refresh project, we knew what we wanted to say, and how we wanted to be perceived, and we had some strong views across the business about how clients might respond. It was important to get it right – the last time we changed our brand was more than 20 years ago! In the end it came down to two brand concepts and it was an essential part of building confidence in our decision about such a big change to factor in what the clients thought. As it turned out, our client segments were much more emphatic about which concept was more appealing to them – which surprised us and really brought home the point (again) about how important good market research and testing is. BrandHook were easy to work with, direct, and provided that clarity that comes with bringing in an independent external view.

Alicia Kokocinski

Senior Manager Marketing and Communications, Equity Trustees

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