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A Cooler Way to Drink

February 25, 2013

A Cooler Way to Drink


I recently attended my footy camp for 2013 in Bright. Some of you may not know but a “footy camp” is more painful than it sounds. It is not like a normal school camp… all! You get put through grueling training and copious amounts of running, all for the reason of developing fitness and mental strength. However when I attended the footy camp, I did not think that the grueling training that came in the form of a 27km hike would turn into a BrandHook blog.

To paint the picture, it was 38 degrees and I was 14 km through a 27km hike and my legs felt like they were full of rocks. My drinks in my backpack did not have the capability to stay cold in the heat and therefore a sip of water felt like a mouthful of hot soup.  In my tired state I resorted to my imagination to show me how I could possibly get a cold drink. Some interesting ideas ran through my head to say the least, but then I came upon one that got me curious. What if there was a water bottle that with a click of a button would chill to a thirst quenching temperature?

After returning from camp (and yes I did survive the hike…just) I did my research and it turns out that there is a “cooling can” that does exactly what I would have loved my drinks to do!

Mitchell Joseph designed the first ever-cooling can. After failing several times, he came up with a design that was effective and environmentally friendly.  The cooling can uses a CO2 gas cylinder and when the user pushes the button on the bottom of the can, it releases gas via a valve and absorbs the heat from the surrounding liquid, lowering the temperature. This cooling can reduces temperature by 15 degrees celsius in just three minutes.

This type of innovation harnesses the constant thought by consumers “do the work for me” – a trend we hear continuously at BrandHook. In this day and age, people (Gen Y especially) don’t want to go the extra effort and have the assumption that brands and companies should be doing more for them.  The cooling can goes this extra mile.  If the cooling can becomes a part of the consumer landscape, where else could the technology go.  The humble slab of beer must surely be next.  One press of a button on the box changes a warm block of undrinkable liquid to the chilled thirst quenching amber ale that Australians (not affected by gluten intolerance) love so much. We might even save water from buying less ice!  Ready to eat meals that prepare themselves without the use of a microwave might be the next step in the chain. My mum would never be able to use the line “I cooked dinner, you wash up” ever again, and what a world that would be.  As long as the consumers are still saying “do the work for me” (and I am never going to stop saying that) there will always be progression in this area.  Are there products out there that need to offer more of this “do the work for me” feature?

Personally I would love to see chilled drinks become more common, so the next time I take on a 27km hike in 38 degree heat I can find solace in the fact that a button is the only obstacle between me and a cold refreshing drink.

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