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Making Your Customers’ Journey Seamless, One Touch Point at a Time

February 12, 2018

Making Your Customers’ Journey Seamless, One Touch Point at a Time

Whether you are looking to buy a new outfit or picking up your groceries, deciding where to shop can be a process. Do you opt for the local shopping strip, or commit to heading to a shopping centre? For me, it’s all about speed and convenience… which are often competing priorities when you want access to a range of shops, but don’t want to navigate a large centre.

My pet hate is parking – if I can’t get in and out easily, I often won’t go back. I hate the hassle of getting a ticket, paying or scanning a receipt (and not losing the ticket along the way) and waiting in line to get in or out. Sometimes it feels like it’s just not worth it.

My recent trip to a Westfield shopping centre with licence plate recognition parking went a long way to making sure that didn’t happen – no lines, no tickets, no fuss! And I know from our work with shopping centres that I am not alone. The BrandHook CX Score TM is designed to measure customer experience, and when we applied it to shopping centres we learnt that ease of access is one of the key drivers to high quality customer experience.

It’s not just shopping centres that can benefit from a seamless customer experiences, other brands are also doing a great job:

  • Amazon has recently opened a prototype store that doesn’t require checking out – you just scan on the way in and Amazon works out what you ‘bought’ and charges your credit card accordingly
  • McDonald’s has recently introduced pre-ordering via their mymacca’s app – yet another way for fast food to become faster
  • ASOS practically organises the returns for you – you just print off the label and pop it in the post office box – no nasty trips to the post office!

So why are some companies so good at this and others are not? Well, it’s not easy. Commitment to high quality customer experience means that your business needs to:

  • Go on the journey with your customers, look to understand not only what they do, but the motivations, emotions and triggers behind why they do it
  • Be designed from the inside to be focused on CX, and have a culture of customer focused care
  • Seek to deliver on the key pillars to building a great customer experience – that is: Consistency, Control, Choice, Customisation and Care (want more detail? Check out this article by Pip Stocks)

Not sure where to start? We’ve designed a quick assessment tool to help businesses to create a powerful customer experience by identifying their gaps. Try the BrandHook CVO Assessment ToolTM and see how your business measures up.

Written by Stacey.

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