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The beauty of simplicity

May 12, 2013

The beauty of simplicity

Below are two images I saw this week that reminded me to keep things simple.

The first is the form that St. Vincents give their child patients as a way of gaining feedback.  Raw, honest and straight to the point.  We also love that they are gleaning insights from their littlest of ‘customers’.

St Vincents Feedback Form


The second was on twitter for Mothers Day (Happy Mothers Day).   A great summary of how important mum is in the lives of her kids!

Mums rule


Remember.  If you want to gather information ask a few key questions then let the customer do the rest.  If you want to present those insights make it simple and to the point.




We’ve all heard the term “sex sells”, but according to Bauer Media, sex isn’t really doing it for young women any more.  Cleo, the young women’s magazine famous for their sex-driven covers and historical male centerfolds has scrapped pushing sex on their cover and opted for a sexless cover. Bauer Media interviewed 1500 girls aged Continue reading

  Forget about the ratings war, the woe of Channel 10, whether the Logies should be televised live, there’s a couple of home truths about the television that from a consumer insight perspective aren’t being spoken about. 1.   Big is always better There’s no denying that the way in which we engage with television has Continue reading


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