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You can’t be everything to everybody

January 29, 2013

You can’t be everything to everybody


There was a survey awhile ago that reported Executives in firms that have fewer (one to three) strategic priorities “were the most likely to say that their companies have above-average profitability and growth.”

As a business,  The BrandHookers always start our presentations with ‘The 5  Things You Need to Know’.  If you don’t read further or don’t want to stay in the meeting, you don’t have to.  It’s about being concise, strategic and giving realistic and achievable recommendations that will make a business impact.

We say the same to a number of the brands that we work with – you need to be concise, clear and you can’t be all things to all people.   Discover what you’re good at (your brand hook) and deliver that.  Consider VB for example – the new owners are now manufacturing the  beer back at its original strength of 4.9% and sales have risen by 2%.  The first increase in sales for ten years.

There’s nothing wrong with delivering a consistent message – consistently.  There’s also nothing wrong with being good at just one thing.   In fact, we would recommend narrowing your potential client base so you can stand for the one thing that you do well.

Inspired by a great beer brand rejuvenated by doing what it does well, I have worked up ‘a hard earned thirst’.

I had a famous creative director in London who said that ‘if you say you are a quality product, you are not’.     When my brother wanted to use it in his strapline for his framing business I said ‘Nooooo’.   The truth is when you see a business with quality in its name; you automatically think Continue reading

  We believe that if a brand it to be successful it needs its employees to be advocates – internal champions and ambassadors.  A strong brand delivers a great customer experience and your people, regardless of their position and role in the company, are key to that delivery.  Customer advocacy for any brand is a Continue reading


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