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What we do

There are a number of jobs our clients ask us to do from solving big brand issues and monitoring changes in the brand experience to building customer-centric cultures and upskilling teams to enable them to have their own customer experiences.

BX & CX Problem Solving

Deep dive into solving brand & customer experience issues.

Our clients come to us when sales are down, when product isn’t selling, when there is an admission that the business doesn’t understand its customers. We get phone calls when our clients want to understand how to tap into a new category or maximise a new opportunity or to explore painpoints in a customer experience. To answer any of these questions we put together a bespoke program anchored in our ethnographic approach.

Talking to consumers in their own environment, means you can watch and probe into the world around them. Participating in, rather than spying on people, changes the whole investigating process.

Below are some of the methodologies we practice:


In Home & In Store Immersions

Talking to people in their own environment means we can watch and probe into their world. By understanding the consumer experience online - offline and home - shop, we uncover the ‘why’ behind the painpoints and barriers to consumer engagement with your brand.


The Grapevine

Anchored in social media mechanics Our online community framework, ‘The Grapevine’, is a powerful and engaging tool that allows us to talk to consumers openly and honestly in their own time.


Digital Ethnography

Utilising multi-mode ethnographic and UX testing methodologies, we create a complete picture of how consumers engage online, and the implications to your brand and online strategy.


CX Mapping

Utilising a multi-mode approach, we build and validate a current CX map and score (including drivers) by exploring customer needs, motivations and pain points.


Brand Purpose Crystalisation

It is crucial now more than ever that brands differentiate themselves. We work with your business stakeholders and consumers to unearth your brand’s unique hook.


Human-centred Innovation

Our approach to innovation starts with the consumer – we work with you to build products/services based on your consumers’ needs, drivers and pain points.

Monthly CX Optimisation

Tracking and measuring the effect of strategic recommendations and executional changes on the customer and brand experience.

To ensure that strategies are being applied in the most effective way, tracking and measuring is key. We have a layered approach to help marketers and brand owners understand when to tweak and when to optimise.


CX Tracking
Customer Deep Dive
Customer Intimacy Workshops


CX Tracking
Customer Deep Dive


CX Tracking

CX Culture and Leadership

We teach marketers and founders in start ups the importance of customer intimacy through the rigor of a great customer conversation.

Research by McKinsey and Gallup shows that customer-centric organisations outperform their peers by an astounding 85% in sales growth. But you need each person in the business to genuinely care for your customers and empathise with their needs. We help businesses in a number of ways:



Hearsay™, a BrandHook product, is a comprehensive training program that helps to teach and guide start ups, business owners and corporates on how to have meaningful conversations with customers and glean valuable insight to drive business outcomes. We have also developed Hearsay as a technology platform to help our clients record, transcribe and gather themes summarising these conversations.



Team Workshops

Working with different departments within an organisation, the BrandHook team helps to bring the customer to life. The workshop covers empathy mapping, insight development, idea generation and finishes on how each department can work together to best deliver to the business goals and customer needs.



To build a business that satisfies customers needs, you must have teams that understand each other and can work together. TribeMatch™ is a values based employee segmentation and BrandHook proprietary tool that helps you work out what you need at work and ensures others in your team understands what drives you when it comes to work. TribeMatch™ is coming soon…


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