BrandHook’s Closing the Gap Episode 7 (Part 2): With Dan Gregory

The 11-part Closing the Gap podcast series brings to life issues that most marketers are now facing – the gap between how consumers are behaving and what business is delivering. Over the series, we’ll explore the seven key ways consumer behaviour has changed and what it means for marketers. To listen on iTunes click here, for the BrandHook Soundcloud page click here

In this second part of the seventh episode of the Closing the Gap podcast series, The Impossible Institute’s Dan Gregory talks story doing, not just storytelling.

Dan is a regular on The Gruen Transfer and a c-suite advisor and creator of cultural change, and provides some insightful lessons on the impact of stories as an experience.

This latest podcast is part of BrandHook’s 11-part series looking at how brands close the gap between how consumers are behaving and what businesses are delivering.

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