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Case Study: Launching Strongbow Blossom Rosé Cider

March 5, 2019

Case Study: Launching Strongbow Blossom Rosé Cider

The Task:
Understand how to develop and launch a cider to get the attention of wine drinkers

What our client said:
“BrandHook’s approach of getting into people’s homes and talking about the concept amongst groups of friends, really got us to closer to the people we were developing this for. This gave us clear direction into aspects of the product such as taste, pack format, brand direction, alcohol % volume & pack design.”

Paige Dawes, CUB Marketing Manager – Cider

What we did:
CUB needed to understand if a new Rose Cider product could be developed and launched that would disrupt the current repertories and be the next big drink of the Summer.We got into the homes of wine and cider drinkers to find the chinks in the amour of the products currently on the market.

The results:

  • Strongbow Blossom Rose cider was launched in October 2018
  • Repeat purchased of 13% within the first month of the launch
  • 18% of Blossom consumers were new to the Strongbow Brand

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