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Building a business in a 3 hour car trip. Is that agile marketing?

June 19, 2019

Building a business in a 3 hour car trip. Is that agile marketing?

We were chatting to 3 teenage girls recently about their social media use.  They had three hours in the car on their way to a family holiday and decided to start selling old clothes on Instagram.  They opened an account, they posted pictures of clothes already in their phone, they designed a logo on Logo Maker Shop and off they went.

They are currently making money, have 85 follows and are uploading more clothes to sell or hire weekly. Most marketing teams would kill for this level of agility.  With their budgets and resources set 18 months ahead of time, new ideas that could turn into game changers are just not being explored.

IBM has released their 2019 Marketing Trends report this week with Number 6 being about how agile marketing adoption is accelerating with more and more marketing teams adopting new technology and frameworks to help them get things done at sprint levels.

According to the report there are 5 benefits to adopting an agile marketing approach:

  1. Greater ability to shift gears and manage priorities
  2. Tighter business alignment and objectives
  3. Increased delivery, speed and time to market
  4. Improved team morale and productivity
  5. Higher output in the quality of work

S, M, K Selling certainly didn’t think twice about whether creating their business was agile marketing or not.  It was just the way they did business.  An intuitive response to an idea they had.

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