We were chatting to 3 teenage girls recently about their social media use.  They had three hours in the car on their way to a family holiday and decided to start selling old clothes on Instagram.  They opened an account, they posted pictures of clothes already in their phone, they designed a logo on Logo Continue reading


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Case Study: Launching Strongbow Blossom Rosé Cider

The Task: Understand how to develop and launch a cider to get the attention of wine drinkers What our client said: “BrandHook’s approach of getting into people’s homes and talking about the concept amongst groups of friends, really got us to closer to the people we were developing this for. This gave us clear direction Continue reading

Closing The Gap – What Brands Can Do To Help Drive Gender Balance

With International Women’s Day coming up on this Friday (8th March) and this year’s theme being #Balanceforbetter, here at BrandHook we’ve been thinking about the role of brands and their contributions towards helping achieve gender equality. A recent talk by social commentator and author of ‘Accidental Feminists’ Jane Caro, hosted by Verve Super – Australia’s Continue reading

You Can’t ‘Fake’ Customer Care

Last week while I was wandering around Chadstone Shopping centre, I walked into Mecca Maxima and stumbled upon one of the best customer experiences I have ever had. Mecca Maxima were offering a free beauty contouring class to the public. I was expecting to just watch the instructor put make up on her face or Continue reading

Customer Experience That’s Got Our Tails Wagging

It’s not often that a brand manages to deliver to all 5 elements of what makes a great customer experience. But Bones & Harmony, a Melbourne-based doggy day-care is one of those rare cases that manages to achieve just that. When I recently took my dachshund Sarah for her first of doggy day-care experience, Bones Continue reading

Why Customer Care Should Fall On The Whole Business

If Maslow was developing his Hierarchy of Needs for CX, care would be at the top of the triangle. And he wouldn’t have left it for just some people in the organisation to deliver it, it would be up to all of us to hit that actualisation level. Demonstrating your brand cares means the people Continue reading