Freemasons could become more open as member numbers dwindle

Recently BrandHook completed research with Freemasons Victoria to find who is ‘Today’s Man’. Herald Sun wrote a piece on this research which you can read below: THE Freemasons are looking at throwing open lodge doors, holding some meetings in pubs and having shorter ceremonies, a new report shows. But the ancient men’s-only society insists it won’t accept Continue reading

The Rising Need for Brands to Change & Expand Competitive Sets

At BrandHook we talk about the 7 ways consumer behaviour has changed but after attending last week’s Mumbrella Retail & Marketing Summit it was very clear that brands and retailers are also faced with the challenge of changing and expanding competitive sets. Claire Muscutt, head of customer experience design at Sainsbury’s, said the rise of Continue reading

Need a brand to apologise? This is what you should expect.

When a brand stuffs up, delivers a poor customer experience or simply gets it wrong, an apology can save them from severe commercial damage. Some one ‘apologised’ to me recently. Quite badly. Delivered by a third party, hours after the event with little recognition of a wrong doing. It made me think that if it’s Continue reading

Lemonade Shakes Up Insurance Industry Norms

Have you ever tried to claim for a broken TV, a stolen iPhone or a rain damaged roof? It can be a hideous experience – involving loss of valuable time, tons of annoying phone calls and usually very unhelpful people. Recently Megan, our Head of Strategy, had a tree fall on her garage. She rang Continue reading

Rebranding the Australian Open, Can It Live Up to the Hype?

It’s that time of year again for Melbourne – everyone is talking about the iconic Australian Open. Renowned as one of the most innovative sports events in the world, the Australian Open isn’t just about tennis anymore – it’s a premier sporting event and entertainment brand. I have to confess that I have only actually Continue reading

John Lewis: A Win For Brand Consistency

As Christmas advertising continues to roll out this season we decided to revisit a BrandHook blog from 2014 on John Lewis’ ever popular Christmas advertising campaigns. So how does the 2016 ad compare to the 2014 one you ask? Let’s take a look: Excerpt from ’14: John Lewis delivered a knockout blow this year – as they Continue reading

Consumers Say One Thing and Do Another

  As we all know, recently Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America, defying nearly every prediction and pre-poll. In the lead up to the election it looked almost certain that democratic opponent Hillary Clinton would win, but as votes were counted it became apparent that there was some disparity between what Continue reading

Banksy the Brand

Banksy is famous for his satirical street art, filmmaking and political activism. Born in the UK, his art began to emerge across his hometown Bristol back in the 90s. Moving forward, he is now an internationally recognised icon, with the Art of Banksy Exhibition currently showcasing some of his works here in Melbourne! Despite this Continue reading