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Hey, How Was Your Christmas CX? Maybe Check In With Polly

January 16, 2018

Hey, How Was Your Christmas CX? Maybe Check In With Polly

As the year starts all shiny and fresh, it’s likely that colleagues and friends are asking you, “Hey, how was Christmas?”.  My response has been, “Great, so relaxing, the weather was beautiful, caught up with lots of friends etc.”.  What I have not been saying (because I am trying to bury the memories) is, “I was completely stressed before Christmas, I couldn’t find an outfit to wear, I forgot to order a ham, the heat nearly killed me, and my work commitments and children’s end-of-year commitment didn’t align so I felt like I was letting people down”.  (A quick search of #ihatedecember reassured me I was not alone).

In those weeks before Christmas, my mind was focussed on solutions that could have made my Christmas experience much better. Granted, my life is about brand experiences and the world of the customer, but it is the in-the-moment insights that identify what is really going on, how people really feel and how things can be much better.

Brands that want to win the CX battle know that delivering superior CX is way to get a competitive edge over competitors. Across all categories (especially retail) global brands are as accessible as local, and smaller independent brands are launching at light speed – making the battle ground a very cluttered space to occupy.

The key to winning Christmas 2018, is understanding Christmas 2017.  And the time to do that was in December last year.  Real time research methodologies that allow you to be there with your customers as they arm themselves to conquer December are the key.

My butcher would have learnt that a phone call to me mid-December to replicate last year’s order would have been their easiest sale. The department store I visited would have realised that the siloed approach of their unhelpful staff members who say, “I don’t know, I only work for [insert brand]”, resulted in them losing the sale of a full outfit.  Concierge help with a full store catalogue would have pointed me in the right direction (…and to their till).

This is why BrandHook and The Royals are co-developing Polly – a real-time mobile insight platform that will change the way businesses can understand CX from an ever-moving consumer. It is an insight gathering tool that will allow brands to gather intelligence in situ, not relying on reflective memory.

Polly can harness insights, develop strategy and facilitate meaningful business decisions because she is speaking with real people in real time, delivering the result with confidence, all anchored in authenticity.  Watch this space… Polly will launch soon, and we’d love you to meet her!

Written by Megan.

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