Dear brands, At a time when we’re being surrounded by messages about new year’s resolutions and fresh starts, here at BrandHook we have been brainstorming (i.e. venting about) the things we wish brands would stop doing in 2019. I’m talking about those really annoying, irrelevant, time consuming experiences that make for a poor CX. If Continue reading


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Why Customer Care Should Fall On The Whole Business

If Maslow was developing his Hierarchy of Needs for CX, care would be at the top of the triangle. And he wouldn’t have left it for just some people in the organisation to deliver it, it would be up to all of us to hit that actualisation level. Demonstrating your brand cares means the people Continue reading

When ‘The Little Things’ Can Have The Biggest Impact

Last week a hotel where I booked accommodation surprised me with something I’ve never seen before. We’ve all had that experience where you get to your hotel and settle in only to discover the pillow is not comfortable, leaving you disappointed and frustrated. But this experience was different. After I progressed through the booking and Continue reading