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Learning from an open planned office

December 3, 2012

Learning from an open planned office

It seems there is the ongoing debate about open planned and closed interior design spaces still raging. Having worked in both environments previously, I now find myself in a beautiful, modern, open planned work space that is the BrandHook office.

What does open plan bring to our office? Let me give you some insight:

  1. Music – An education in itself. We all have an input. If you don’t know the lyrics – then make them up. This mood lifting can be inspirational. Sing alongs are not uncommon.
  2. Communication – It’s all out there, nothing is left unresolved. Conversations are frequent but probably shorter in duration than walking to several offices to repeat the same conversation.
  3. Teamwork – Quick problem solving. The sense of getting to know your fellow “hookers” on a more personal level. Teamwork and collaboration are critical, socialising is the glue that binds our team together.
  4. Productivity – We work hard, don’t get me wrong. But this can be achieved with balanced work/play. Help is always at hand.

The thought of a closed office environment for me is a sad one. I would miss our “Tea with Anita”, Nachos Friday and the daily Zing.

So tear down those walls and enjoy your colleagues, you may just learn something new!

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