Is the Old-Fashioned Flyer Doing a Steven Bradbury?

Two mornings in a row, I have been handed direct advertising materials at Richmond station.  One for Uber Eats and another for Pet Circle; both online brands that are reverting to old-fashioned tactics to speak with their market. It’s made me think, the printed flyer has been sitting back, watching what consumers do, and now Continue reading

Time To Reinvent Your Brand? Look To Your Heritage First

I saw Nigella Lawson speak at a School of Life event recently and it got me thinking about brand re-invigoration. Anyone who has followed Nigella over the years would recognise her personal brand’s transformation. Nigella first rose to mainstream attention with the saucy persona of her early television series, where she championed indulgence through food-related Continue reading

Why Getting Intimate is Key to Creating a Great Customer Experience

This opinion piece by BrandHook CEO Pip Stocks was originally published by CMO. According to CMO’s State of the CMO 2017 research, 83 per cent of CMOs believe customer experience to be central to their role. An interesting stat considering few of us experience great brand experiences. To find out why, BrandHook produced a podcast series, Getting Intimate with CX, Continue reading

The Game Changing Power Of Voice-Activated Tech

I received a Google Home Mini for Christmas and it’s been a life game-changer. I no longer have to find my phone to check the weather, listen to music or follow a recipe (and much more!). My changing relationship with tech is exactly what Trend Watch have outlined as two emerging trends for 2018; Virtual Companionship Continue reading

Podcast: Pip Stocks Talks Branding and Customer Experience

This week, Pip Stocks joined The EchoJunction Podcast with Adam Fraser to talk all things branding and customer experience. The below article by Adam Fraser originally appeared in EchoJunction. Founder and CEO of Brandhook, Pip Stocks, joins the podcast this week to talk branding and customer experience. We discuss: Pip’s career to date Brandhook’s story and Continue reading

Hey, How Was Your Christmas CX? Maybe Check In With Polly

As the year starts all shiny and fresh, it’s likely that colleagues and friends are asking you, “Hey, how was Christmas?”.  My response has been, “Great, so relaxing, the weather was beautiful, caught up with lots of friends etc.”.  What I have not been saying (because I am trying to bury the memories) is, “I Continue reading

Beyond Big Data: Get Intimate With Your Customers

This opinion piece by BrandHook CEO Pip Stocks was originally published in Marketing Magazine. For years now we’ve heard that big data equals power. Cross-industry surveys suggest that brands of all shapes and sizes have hopped on the big data bandwagon, with the big data market set to be valued at $46 billion by 2018. So why does Continue reading

What’s The Secret To Building a Powerful Brand? Engaging The Board

The latest opinion piece by BrandHook CEO Pip Stocks,  originally published in CEO Magazine. We intuitively know that customer experience is what keeps clients truly engaged. This is particularly important in the current climate; in a time of rapid change, the way businesses create and nurture an emotional connection with their customers is more crucial than Continue reading