Getting Intimate with CX Podcast – Episode 4 with Karen Lawson

In Episode 4 of this new podcast series ‘Getting Intimate with CX’, BrandHook MD, Pip Stocks, talks with Karen Lawson about what’s missing amid all the technology and data helping organisations improve their customer experience approach, and how to balance knowledge with trust, authenticity and a human touch. Karen Lawson is an award-winning business executive and Continue reading

Getting Intimate with CX Podcast – Episode 3 with Jee Moon

In Episode 3 of this new podcast series ‘Getting Intimate with CX’, BrandHook MD, Pip Stocks, talks with Jee Moon about what helps foster consumer curiosity around your brand. Currently the vice-president of marketing for Luxottica brands, OPSM and Laubman and Pank, leading optical retailers in A/NZ, Jee’s career spans multiple sectors and geographies. She has Continue reading

Getting Intimate with CX Podcast – Episode 2 with Jane Zantuck

In this latest episode of Getting Intimate with CX, Jane Zantuck, the Head of Marketing at the National Gallery of Victoria answers the same 7 questions about customer intimacy & CX. We also hear why the Van Gogh exhibition was so successful and why Dior will be fabulous. Three years ago, marketers were confused about what Continue reading

Getting Intimate with CX Podcast – Episode 1 with Rachel Kelly

Listen to Episode 1 of Getting Intimate with CX, where Pip Stocks talks to Rachel Kelly about how brands can offer more than great service by creating a connection with their customers. Three years ago, marketers were confused about what the digital revolution meant for their consumers, their brand and the customer experience. That has Continue reading

Xennials and the Generation Gap

Those of us born at the tail end of the 70’s and the start of the 80’s are a bit of a conundrum. Some say we’re part of Gen X while others lump us in with the Millennials. As the middle children of the last century, I feel like no one really gets us or Continue reading

Three things to develop your brand’s empathy & kindness

This month I have been recording the latest BrandHook podcast series which will be distributed through the CMO Magazine next month. Today I was reminded of something the VP of Luxottica, Jee Moon said; ‘The brands that will do well are ones that understand that their customers are not just numbers.  They are, in fact, Continue reading

Moving from connected to robotic means the brand is not evolving

I have recently learned an important lesson in customer experience: customer benchmarks are constantly changing. Having moved to a new suburb, I needed to find a new gym. Before moving, I had a favourite boutique fitness studio where all the trainers knew me by name and would personalise exercises to suit me. I was excited Continue reading

What is your brand’s side hustle?

Coined the Side Hustle, our 20–somethings are working on projects outside of their 9 – 5 job as a way of earning more money, engaging in a passion and maybe launching the next Porter & Sail. We are also seeing this quite commercial behaviour in how they are dealing with the brands in their lives.  Continue reading

Customer intimacy as a competitive edge

Listening to Reid Hoffman’s new Masters of Scale podcast this week reminded me of the work of Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersma. In 1997 in their book The Discipline of Market Leaders Treacy and Wiersma described three competitive strategies that businesses could focus on – operational excellence, customer intimacy and product leadership: An operational excellence Continue reading