The Rising Power of Gen Z: Disrupting Mums Habitual Purchases

Something interesting happened to my grocery trolley about six months ago. Habitual purchases suddenly become not so habitual. The brands I had been buying week in, week out for years suddenly were not the ones being purchased any more. Instead, many had come under harsh scrutiny – they were either in or out. There was Continue reading

3D Printing: The end of obsolescence?

  What do you make of 3D printing? Until recently, I had never really thought about it. At most I thought of it as fairly rudimentary and, well, a bit gimmicky. A thing for school kids and geeks to make figurines and such like with in the classroom. I’ve changed. And 3D is a big Continue reading

Can new innovations push too far?

Another day, another new innovation that comes to market which promises to make our life infinitely easier. Yet this one is something that makes me really question whether the ‘benefit’ derived is actually helping the individual and society at a wider level. Imagine a world where it’s so hard to verbally communicate a breakfast order Continue reading

Radical Transparency can strengthen Consumer Relationships

I’ve fallen in love… with a brand… and can you guess what led me to it? A colleague sharing the brand’s commitment to transparency – seriously! When Jackie wrote her blog last week, Everlane was mentioned for its efforts in taking transparency to new levels. I clicked through to have a look and whilst browsing Continue reading

The New Era of Brand Transparency

Today’s customers are more empowered and informed than ever before, but with great power comes great responsibility. However, it seems consumers are relishing this newfound responsibility and using it for good, not evil. Brands seeking to build lasting, authentic relationships with consumers are now being pushed to be more transparent and more socially conscious with Continue reading

Getting your business ready for the Entrepreneurial Consumer

The latest opinion-piece from BrandHook Founder Pip Stocks as recently published on CMO Australia’s online blog:  We all know the digital revolution has completely transformed the way consumers are interacting with brands, and that a lot of businesses are finding it hard to catch up. One way to closing this brand gap is to understand consumer behaviour and Continue reading

How Emotions Drive Consumer Purchase Decisions

As consumers we like to think that our purchase decisions reflect a rational analysis of the product we are about to buy, in reality there appears to be something else driving the decision-making process: our emotions. Do you think you could be convinced your current phone (with a bit of a clean and a new Continue reading

BrandHook Television Appearance: A Current Affair (Katies Revamp)

  BrandHook founder Pip Stocks makes a national television appearance on A Current Affair. In this segment Pip discusses how Katies required a new look to have a chance against international retail brands making it big in Australia. Watch by clicking play on the video below: This video originally appeared on the A Current Affair website. Click here Continue reading

Championing Big Data

The calendar has just clicked over to September, and despite having to now worry about bouts of hay fever, overprotective magpies and acclimatising to daylight savings, I’m still excited, because it means the AFL final series is on. That’s right, a blog about the footy, but don’t worry it is research related. I’ve loved footy Continue reading

Insights into a Successful Consumer Loyalty Program

“Not another one…” (snooze fest), “Haven’t we got enough of those already?” and “Blow me down with a feather” were just some of the reactions I got from my colleagues when I announced my next blog will be about loyalty programs. It is a topic that is constantly in the spotlight – rigorously researched, widely Continue reading

Behaviour Change: Campaigns making an impact

I have a problem with my goggomobil… During my childhood, pausing and fast-forwarding live TV were luxuries I knew nothing about; ads were simply part of the TV viewing experience. The 80’s were a bonanza for memorable campaigns… we could all spell Goggomobil, we knew the jingle from ‘Life. Be in it’ (although I’m still Continue reading