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When a brand gets their social media strategy spot on

October 23, 2012

When a brand gets their social media strategy spot on

There’s so many examples of when brands get their social media strategy all wrong. There was Qantas – #QantasLuxury; Waitrose – #WaitroseReasons and; Target who recently failed when a mothers post about the inappropriateness of their children’s wear failed to get a reaction from the brand.

Businesses either don’t seem to get it, don’t know how to use it or just fail to see how they can get it right. We consistently see brands making cringe worthy errors. So when Richard Neill posted a comment on the Bodyform page no one could have expected the impact.

At this stage, Bodyform had a couple of options:

  1. Remove
  2. Ignore
  3. Respond

Richard’s post had generated 86,000 likes and more than 3000 comments within the first 24 hours and Bodyform decided to respond. And respond brilliantly. Have a look at the below video


There’s a couple of reasons why this is pure brilliance:

  1. It finds the balance between fact, sarcasm and humour and delivers it to perfection.
  2. It appeals to both genders. While it’s the woman that Bodyform want the relationship with (we have spent most of this year chatting to women and from what we hear the tone of this film is spot on), the ad doesn’t alienate blokes.
  3. It’s fast, fresh and honest – something that is hard for social to deliver. Have a look at their response and how they shared the video.

It’s been the funniest two minutes within the BrandHook office this week and been on a constant loop.

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