Why 100% Brand Commitment is not Enough

We need to talk … It’s not me … It’s you. I think it’s time to commit. At BrandHook, we’re not afraid to commit and we love examples when brands show real commitment to what they stand for.  The team have seen some fantastic examples recently and wanted to share. SF BatKid       Continue reading

Subscription fashion – the new way for men to shop.

  Don’t get me wrong. I love online shopping and I am constantly scrolling through thousands of products and forever adding things to my wishlist or cart. But rarely do I actually go through with the purchase because I find myself paralysed by too much choice! It is little surprise then that a growing number Continue reading

Happy Fathers Day

This weekend, we drafted in our first ever ‘celebrity’ BrandHook blogger – known professionally as Dr David Dixon but to the BrandHook office as Dicko – Paul’s father.  We asked him, as a Father, to send a Father’s Day message to our readers so please enjoy below. Father’s Day presents opportunities for families to get Continue reading

40 days of insight

For those who haven’t heard about this yet, Forty Days of Dating is a blog charting the experiences of two good friends who found themselves single at the same time, and decided to date each other for 40 days. Both living in New York, Tim is a commitment challenged lothario, and Jess, a hopeless romantic Continue reading

Who is afraid of sharing and collaboration?

A while ago, we pondered (moaned) about the lack of sharing in the industry we work.  Call it collaboration, call it merging of the minds, call it whatever you want – our perception is that Australian business don’t like to do it. In the old days (the days Pip remembers), it is true that it Continue reading

When crowdsourcing gets it right

  At BrandHook, we’re continually listening to the real people – just this week we’ve spoken about shampoo, wine, bras and much more.  We do a lot of this listening with the people, rummaging through their houses, drinking wine with them or via The Grapevine, our online community platform. The Grapevine was built around a Continue reading

Traditions change and new #habits emerge

Traditions change and new habits and rituals emerge all the time.  I now read the news in 100 characters or less, I fill my wardrobe by purchasing online but the biggest tradition that I have changed is how I watch TV. Maybe it’s the Gen Y in me but I love not having to wait Continue reading

Remember cognitive dissonance? It’s baaaack.

  One of the phrases that I used a lot when I first hit the workplace was one I learnt in Marketing 101 – cognitive dissonance.  I am not sure I used it at all in the correct context but would sail around the corridors of ‘Computing Magazine’ in the UK saying ‘oh yes they Continue reading