Alright? Alright. The habits we pick up internationally.

When I first arrived in London way back in 2002, a number of things struck me.  There was a pub on every corner, a blue sky didn’t necessarily mean it was a nice day outside and you could respond to the question ‘alright?’ with the statement ‘alright’.  Working in a Lake District pub, each day Continue reading

No one wants to bring sexy back

We’ve all heard the term “sex sells”, but according to Bauer Media, sex isn’t really doing it for young women any more.  Cleo, the young women’s magazine famous for their sex-driven covers and historical male centerfolds has scrapped pushing sex on their cover and opted for a sexless cover. Bauer Media interviewed 1500 girls aged Continue reading

The beauty of simplicity

Below are two images I saw this week that reminded me to keep things simple. The first is the form that St. Vincents give their child patients as a way of gaining feedback.  Raw, honest and straight to the point.  We also love that they are gleaning insights from their littlest of ‘customers’.   The Continue reading

Some Home Truths About TV

  Forget about the ratings war, the woe of Channel 10, whether the Logies should be televised live, there’s a couple of home truths about the television that from a consumer insight perspective aren’t being spoken about. 1.   Big is always better There’s no denying that the way in which we engage with television has Continue reading

Life of Pi 2: Lifeboat with a Bear

If you’re anything like the BrandHook jet setters you have suffered through a few lackluster safety demonstrations. A line of disinterested airline staff flailing their arms around and blowing seductively into whistles in a bid to prepare you if the plane comes crashing down. I often wonder what it’s like to be one of those Continue reading

Consumers buy on autopilot: What does this mean for your brand?

[mailchimpsf_form] Your details to download report Simply pop in your details and you will be able to download the full report. You will also receive Get Hooked – our monthly news letter highlighting our latest thinking and interesting insights. Please download your report from here Download Report. Thanks for signing up You will now be Continue reading

Will consumers do what they say they will? Habit is key.

  It is always hard when gathering insights, to measure people’s intentions. At the end of last year a client asked us to find out what a bunch of their consumers would do based on a promotional piece they were going to implement.  The punters said they would respond … and if had of taken Continue reading

The People Versus Page 3

  I’m not going to lie – The Sun is one of my favourite newspapers.  I was told once that the average edition of The Sun contained 8,000 words – compare this to an uneducated person knowing 35,000 words or the majority of people understanding 50,000 – this is a paper that could cover the Continue reading

A simple blog about the impact of true love

In 2010 Marina Abramovic, an artist, performed ‘The Artist Is Present’ as part of her MoMa show, where she shared a minute of silence with each stranger who sat in front of her. A past love and fellow artist Ulay (Uwe Laysiepen) arrived without her knowing.  They had had an intense relationship, breaking up in Continue reading

A Cooler Way to Drink

  I recently attended my footy camp for 2013 in Bright. Some of you may not know but a “footy camp” is more painful than it sounds. It is not like a normal school camp… all! You get put through grueling training and copious amounts of running, all for the reason of developing fitness and Continue reading