You can’t be everything to everybody

  There was a survey awhile ago that reported Executives in firms that have fewer (one to three) strategic priorities “were the most likely to say that their companies have above-average profitability and growth.” As a business,  The BrandHookers always start our presentations with ‘The 5  Things You Need to Know’.  If you don’t read Continue reading

It takes a village to grow a business

  We believe that if a brand it to be successful it needs its employees to be advocates – internal champions and ambassadors.  A strong brand delivers a great customer experience and your people, regardless of their position and role in the company, are key to that delivery.  Customer advocacy for any brand is a Continue reading

Best ad of 2012: The Guardians Three Little Pigs

  Adweek in the UK has given us their top 10 ads of last year.  Melbourne’s own Clems has come in at 10 with Beer Chase from Carlton Draught but we agree that the outright winner is the Three Little Pigs, BBH’s brilliant film for The Guardian.  Enjoy!  

Design thinking and your brand

  Pip, the BrandHook fashionista, thinks of herself as a bit of a designer. She fondly remembers the orange lame and white jacket ensemble she designed for her year 11 formal. We often hear her telling anyone who will listen that she was “ahead of her time” and “everyone thought I looked ridiculous, but 6 Continue reading

Employers and younger employees are aligned. Why?

  Back in my dad’s day, a job was a job for life. He worked for the same company from when he was a fresh graduate to retirement over 40 years later. This got me thinking about whether the concept of a job for life exists in businesses today. And even if it does, is Continue reading

Why more women in the workforce is good for our GDP

  The key cabinet documents released this week by the National Archives of Australia tell the stories behind the Hawke government party room debates. Amongst all the great things he did (yes I am a labour voter and Hawkee fan), Prime Minister Hawke put in place the first affirmative action plan for women and crafted Continue reading

Big planes, big data and a big opportunity

  As many of our life experiences form the best of insights, it was when booking a trip back to London that got the BrandHook office thinking about how airlines could seize the initiative, embrace ‘big data’ properly and truly deliver a customer centric experience. I used to fly nearly exclusively with Qantas. I did Continue reading

Learning from an open planned office

It seems there is the ongoing debate about open planned and closed interior design spaces still raging. Having worked in both environments previously, I now find myself in a beautiful, modern, open planned work space that is the BrandHook office. What does open plan bring to our office? Let me give you some insight: Music Continue reading

The 10 principles to building a great brand

  At BrandHook we help brands discover their brand hook. Our approach is to follow the 10 BrandHook hook principles: Building on what is real: It is vital to start with the brand heritage to understand how to move it into the future. We recently spoke to the founder of a famous discount retailer who Continue reading

Brands that are dead on

In BrandHook’s hometown of Melbourne, the laser tag game “Patient Zero” has just opened in an abandoned hospital on the outskirts of town. The Patient Zero experience is described as “a fully immersive live action, real life, multiplayer, first person shooter, role-playing game”. Teams of six are paying $750.00 a pop to fight off hoards Continue reading

When a brand gets their social media strategy spot on

There’s so many examples of when brands get their social media strategy all wrong. There was Qantas – #QantasLuxury; Waitrose – #WaitroseReasons and; Target who recently failed when a mothers post about the inappropriateness of their children’s wear failed to get a reaction from the brand. Businesses either don’t seem to get it, don’t know Continue reading